Example Consultation Responses

When filling in the comment boxes in the online consultation questionnaire, you might want to consider the following example responses:

Q3 (if the ‘other’ box is ticked)

Need for Ashton Gate station and its underestimated usage in the business case.


It’s great to see investment in the local railway infrastructure as an essential part of the overall transport system, but it needs to serve not just North Somerset, but also Bristol and other areas.  A vital part of that is making sure there is a station at Ashton Gate. As well as the benefits to the businesses and residents of South Bristol, it will enable train access for leisure and other activities from Pill and Portishead, benefitting the economy there.

The existing business case for the station at Ashton Gate has considerably underestimated likely usage by not accounting for the estimated 1 million a year visitors to the new Ashton Gate conference centre and stadium; the usage for events at Ashton Court such as the Balloon Fiesta; visitors to the Tobacco Factory theatre, restaurants and shops on North Street, and the employees and customers of the many businesses in the area (such as Imperial and Babcock) plus students and staff at UWE and Ashton Park School.

The scheme should also include stops at Bedminster station for the Portishead line trains to service the many close to that station and ease the pressures on the existing trains, which can be overfull at peak times.


It’s important to have a station at Ashton Gate with access to it possible from the Ashton Vale side of the tracks. The proposed closure of the Barons Court crossing due to the Metrobus development means an alternative access should be provided, presumably by footbridge.  This is not only because this is a main community the station should serve, but also because the Barons Close crossing serves the walking route along Colliter’s Brook – one of the walking routes promoted by Lets Walk Bedminster which features as part of Bristol Green Capital.