Phase 1 Consultation

A public consultation for MetroWest Phase 1 – the reopening of the Portishead line for passenger services – is underway.

Up until the 3rd August 2015 the MetroWest authorities and project team are formally asking us for our views on their plans.

The consultation is our main opportunity to show the depth of support for Ashton Gate station. 

If you could tell the team that their project equally affects South Bristol and they must include the new Ashton Gate station it would make a massive and positive difference. If we all emphasise how much we believe the new station will be used, in particular for those reasons they had not previously considered:

  • the new Ashton Gate conference centre and stadium where they are expecting a million visitors a year;
  • people travelling to work or study locally at Babcocks, Imperial, UWE, Bristol Sport, Ashton Park school etc.;
  • people travelling to the area for leisure activities such as visiting Ashton Court and North Street theatres, restaurants and shops,

then we can persuade the planners and politicians that they must prioritise the station for Phase 1.

It takes a few minutes to comment and the team must account for every submission. It’s all done online via a simple form. Click here to go to the form and supporting information leaflet.

Once there, click on the Consultation Questionnaire button to start the process. There are only 7 responses to give of which one is your postcode and 4 are ticks in boxes. Use Q4 and Q26 (via ‘Other Specific Elements’) in particular to make your comments. And you could add a few more words if you also tick ‘other’ as well in Q3.

We have some example responses for the comment boxes that you might find useful. Click here to see them.